Licensed Clinical Social Worker


"Start where you are." Pema Chodron


Though our individual fabrics are unique, we're bound by common threads. Despite life's stressors, we strive for inner peace, personal fulfillment and a gentle state of grace.

Therapy is about increasing self-awareness and unearthing our inner resources to tackle life's obstacles. Through the therapeutic process we learn to listen to and hear our own voice, trust our intuition, discover comfortable ways to relate to other people, nurture what serves us well and let go of what doesn't. Observing our particular thoughts and feelings with kindness, we cultivate compassionate self-acceptance. 


Opening to mindfulness— our human potential for presence in our moments—and respecting the interplay of mind, breath and body, my therapeutic approach is eclectic and considerate of the whole person. I encourage clients to internally and externally align from a perspective of well-being:  not "What's wrong with me?" but "What's right with me?" 

You’ll be supported to digest disillusionments of the past, develop road maps for a functional future and gain insight into your current self.                                        


People seek therapy for various reasons. Areas of emphasis within my practice include: nurturing of self-awareness and self-acceptance, boosting of coping skills, alleviation of anxiety and depression, stress and anger management, sexuality, intimacy and communication for all couples, parenting, grief and bereavement, life transitions such as career change, divorce, co-parenting, remarriage and blended families.


I can assist you in meditation and mindful techniques to promote an increased sense of calm and presence.  As well, we can utilize writing, art and sensory/tactile materials as additional paths to your self-expression.  

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  I'm a Certified Reiki Practitioner and can incorporate Reiki principles into your sessions if desired.                           

I welcome hearing from you.

Phone and text: 203.722.6365

Email:  joannereinhardt.lcsw@gmail.com